| Bulldog Becomes Cutest Babysitter To His Tiny Human Siblings.
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Bulldog Becomes Cutest Babysitter To His Tiny Human Siblings.

Bulldog Becomes Cutest Babysitter To His Tiny Human Siblings.

As far as Samantha Smith and her husband are concerned, their 6-year-old bulldog Gunnar is their first son.

For the first few years after the New York couple adopted Gunnar as a puppy, he remained an “only child.” And he enjoyed every second of being their baby, soaking up all the love and attention he could get. Then came a tiny human named Wyatt.

gunnar the bulldog
But the sight of his new baby brother didn’t spark a drop of jealousy from the sweet dog. Gunnar immediately fell in love, stepping into his new role as big brother and protector. In fact, he adored Wyatt before he was even born.

“He’s the first one to know I’m pregnant,” Samantha said. “He would lay right on my bump and Wyatt would kick him.”

gunnar and baby wyatt

The adorable brothers shared a special bond from the start. Gunnar could be found wherever Wyatt was, whether he happened to be standing guard or cuddling up to the little boy. And he always knew to be gentle.

bulldog and baby
Gunnar was equally thrilled when little Lachlan came into the world, and proved to be just as loving toward his second brother.

gunnar's family
The trio grew inseparable, happily lost in their own world that Gunnar fit right into.

“He really does feel like a kid,” Samantha said.”He’s one of the boys.”

wyatt lachlan and gunnar
Samantha likes to joke that Gunnar is also her built-in babysitter. But don’t let the pup’s surly expression fool you — he loves every part of watching over his siblings.

wyatt lachlan and gunnar
And while he’s not the baby of the family anymore, Dad still pampers him plenty.

dad holds wyatt and gunnar
Now Gunnar really has his paws full with the newest addition to the family, Rowan. But clearly, he wouldn’t have it any other way. Life is very good for the bulldog who adores his three little brothers. You can find more precious photos of the Smith boys on Instagram.

gunnar bulldog

Learn more about the best furry brother ever in the video below, and share with other dog lovers.