| High School Students Shovel Snow At Dawn To Help A Neighbor In Need
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High School Students Shovel Snow At Dawn To Help A Neighbor In Need

High School Students Shovel Snow At Dawn To Help A Neighbor In Need

For a person suffering from kidney problems and undergoing dialysis missing an appointment is a life threatening situation. It is highly important to do the procedure at the right time. Any delay is a big “no” because it can cause dangerous complications to the patient.

Natalie Blair knew that the snowy season would pose a problem for someone like her. She worried that the snow could potentially be heavy in the morning causing delays for her to get to her dialysis appointment safely and on time. What’s worse was the possibility that she might miss it altogether. However, when she woke up one morning after a heavy snowfall she was shocked by the sight of her driveway completely cleared!

Natalie was taken aback when she saw that there was a path for her, despite the thick snow around her house. She was immediately touched by whoever had taken the time to clear the way, knowing that she really needed to have her dialysis that morning.

When she asked her husband, she found out that her neighbor, Parsippany high school senior Patrick Lanigan along with four of his friends, shoveled the snow early that morning so that she could pass through and make it to her doctor’s appointment. She was absolutely touched by these young men’s act of kindness.

Patrick wanted to help his neighbor because he knew it was a very serious matter if Natalie could not make it to her dialysis. Therefore, with the intention of helping his neighbor out, he sought the help of four of his high school friends and planned to remove all the snow that had fallen on the Blairs’ driveway overnight.

He and his friends stayed up all night playing games and when the clock reached 4:30 in the morning, the boys got up to start working. They finished the job at 5:00 AM and by 6:00 AM, Natalie came out and saw what they had done.

Natalie was thankful for what the high school students did for her. She had been in a sticky situation but these kids knew that it was very important for her to see her doctor. Their act of kindness is one she will always remember. Because of them, Natalie was able to make it to her appointment safely that morning.

These students may be young, but they definitely know the value of kindness and how important it is to choose to be kind. Doing simple things to show kindness to another person is something that all of us can do. The boys certainly wanted to help and with their simple act of shoveling snow they were able to save Natalie’s life.

This only shows that we do not need to do the grandest of gestures to spread kindness to the world.

Simple things can make a great impact if we put our hearts and compassion in everything that we do.