| 21 Dog Photos That Are Much Better Than Anti-Depressants
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21 Dog Photos That Are Much Better Than Anti-Depressants

21 Dog Photos That Are Much Better Than Anti-Depressants

If you’re feeling down and out, don’t grab the Prozac just yet.

We’ve got something that will make you feel even better; hilarious dog photos!
There’s a reason these warm, furry pals are listed as service animals all over the country.

In fact, in an interview with CNN, Delta Airlines claims that they fly over 250,000 registered service dogs each year, and that’s just the ones going on flights!

This insane number just goes to show that people don’t want to go anywhere without their K-9 counter-parts, and we’ve got 21 laugh out loud pictures that will make you understand this dog-lover’s dilemma.

1. Hard work is for the humans

I can’t even! This little fuzz ball is TOO CUTE, and smart to boot; he knows that daytime is for dreaming.

My co-worker’s puppy fell asleep on her desk. Not much work got done that day.

2. Spiderman doesn’t have anything on me!

This husky is a downright ninja! What perfect timing for this picture. The owner of this wall-jumper appropriately titled the photo,

Husky Parkour

3. Thanks buddy, I needed a place to sit!

This pup is awfully comfortable with herself. Like any good dog, she knows that the world revolves around her.

She has a whole farm where she can sit anywhere, yet she chooses to sit on the cat time and time again

4. Don’t touch my stuff!

This sweet girl knows what’s hers is hers and what’s yours is hers. So don’t bother taking her ball or you’re gonna get the cold shoulder.

5. You just lay there and be quiet!

Don’t make this curly-Q mad, or she’ll find a way to shut you up! She needs her quiet time so she can focus on more important stuff.

SHHHHHH… a squirrel…

6. I’ll show you how to “sit”!

This sweet Pit learns from her humans! She knows how to adapt her sitting posture to suit her needs.

Told my dog, Ashe, to sit on the log and this is what I got

7. Hide and seek is my game!

This young shepherd pup really knows how to make himself scarce! She probably knows ALL the good hiding spots.

I looked outside and he wasn’t there. It took me a minute to find him.

8. Doggy Heaven never dulls!

A favorite is a favorite til the end…and beyond! Such a classic photo of pure pup-joy.

My good boy still enjoys his ball

9. Hey dude! Aren’t ya coming?

Leave no K-9 behind! These two are SO adorable as the retriever tries to get his shepherd buddy to tag along.

Someone made a new friend on our walk this morning!

10. Photo-Op!

Glamour shots aren’t just for people, ya know! I know I’m looking gorgeous all up in my Hostas!

Look, Dad! I’m a shrubbery!

11. I take care of my human’s paws!

You never know when you’ll need an extra shoe, especially after a long day. This dog’s got your back…or foot!

My dog always brings a shoe whenever I get home

12. You know I can hear you, right?

Nothing gets by this little pups ears! Even though he looks like he was crossed with a bat, the owner is totally right,

That face tho

13. Oh hey! I’m surprised to see you’re home…

I know what you’re thinking, but it definitely wasn’t me. Okay it was, but you knew it would happen if you left so you should think about that the next time you want to leave!

“If I can chew it, I will chew it.”

14. Peas in a pod

Is that a ball? Are you gonna throw it? Go on, throw that ball. Throw it!

Their face right before I got the tennis ball out….

15. Are you seeing this?!

This guy’s face is just too FUNNY! Talk about puppy paradise, you’d think he just won the lottery…or maybe he did.


16. Wanna snuggle?

That’s right! We’re the ultimate water-dogs and we are proud! Now what was that about staying dry?

10 seconds after I explained that they aren’t allowed in the water.

17. I swear I’m gonna eat it!

If your two favorite things in life are food and sleep, why not combine them? This little deary looks like he’s had a loooong day!

Brought this guy home last night, this is how he fell asleep.

18. I don’t like to limit myself to one color…

This dog is all about diversity. After all, why shouldn’t a dog have more than one coat? That’s just not fair.

Played with the charcoal’s sack, and I don’t regret it

I think the owner meant **charcoal** sack…at least I hope so.

19. Tell me you love me!

You’re never too old for cuddles. Now look me deep in the eyes and tell me how adored I am.

My sister’s baby

20. The Panting Pack

Kiss doesn’t have anything on this Husky pack! It was love at first pant for these sweet pups. I hope you’re ready for some doggy smooches because there won’t be any escaping these tongues!

My puppy made some new friends at the dog park today.

21. The Chameleon Pup

This goofy girl apparently thinks she blends in with the couch. I guess when you really love something, you become one with it.

Her owner has her pegged though.

Maya-you are funny to look at!