| 2 Best Friends Have No Idea They’re Sisters Separated At Birth
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2 Best Friends Have No Idea They’re Sisters Separated At Birth

2 Best Friends Have No Idea They’re Sisters Separated At Birth

Some siblings have incredibly close relationships. These sisters did without ever knowing they were related!
This year, the documentary Three Identical Strangers told the unbelievable story of triplets who didn’t know they had siblings until they met at college. However, this story is even weirder and much more heartwarming.

It sounds like the plot of a movie, but it happened in real life.

Holly Hoyle O’Brien and Megan Hughes are two women who work together in a hospital in Sarasota, Florida. They both share the same shift. But they also share much, much more…

When they first became work colleagues, they started forming a fast friendship. Due to being a similar age and having similar interests, they got along incredibly well.

“She actually trained me one day, and that’s when we immediately clicked and started having a conversation about our backgrounds.”

Soon, they began having lunch together, where, naturally, they learned more about their pasts.
But as they got to know each other, both learned that they had much more in common than the average friends. Both were born in South Korea. Both were adopted and moved to the US at a young age. And both had had the same last name.

“I asked Holly what her last name was in Korea. And she said ‘Shin.’ And I said ‘oh my gosh, that’s also my last name too.’”

They soon came to a sudden realization: each had had a sister who was separated before adoption. But they never knew how they could begin finding each other. They had almost given up hope, until now.

By a huge coincidence, they had solved the biggest mystery of their lives.
“I’ve had questions, constant questions, in the back of my mind that, do I have a sister? Do I have a mom or a dad?

What followed was a DNA test, which soon confirmed what they already knew deep down: they were sisters, reunited after 40 years apart.

Amazingly, they grew up so close but so far away from one another. Holly found a home with a family in Kentucky. Megan’s adoptive family lived in the neighboring state of Virginia.
Although they never met for more than forty years, both had careers that took a similar path. This would ultimately lead them to work next to each other in the same Florida hospital.

“I knew in the back of my mind she’s somewhere out there. And I never gave up on her. And when I- I just cried and cried.”

Many people wish that their best friend was their brother or sister, but just this once, that wish appears to have come true. It’s just lucky that the sisters were friends. Imagine if two people who hated each other in the office discovered that they were siblings all along!

As amazing as this story sounds, it isn’t the first time that it’s happened.
However, this is definitely the first time separated sisters were colleagues, friends and then found out they were related!

Stories of long-lost adoptive siblings meeting up appear from time to time. But they almost always involve one sibling actively seeking out the other. For instance, in April, two sisters met for the first time in 40 years, with one being located in Texas and the other in Edinburgh, UK. Their story involved petitioning the government and searching through historical records.